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Logline: “Triangle” introduces characters facing chaos, changes and challenges in their lives, where they desperately feel the need to purge their souls and remove the parasites of their consciousness.

It’s a small world and all our humanly problems are deeply rooted in one simple word, “Love.” From love comes hatred and betrayal. The story begins with a family’s betrayal of one another. But it doesn’t end there. As new characters are introduced, we find that each ones story is connected somehow, with the other.  Hence, triangles can be stable or unstable depending on their bases. The tension and confusion create the conflict between the actors and their stories.


Each character tries to find the answer to their problems. They address the camera as if they are being watched in a mental facility.  This feature film touches on incest, divorce, prostitution, money, sexuality, social class, age, and gender. Many of the problems our society faces today and the dilemmas we have, has gotten us in a rut and we struggle to break free and cleanse ourselves and try to start new, but we get deeper and deeper until we discover there is no way out.

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