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Shereen Elcherif





Stats: 5'1”

Degree: Ed.D., Educational Leadership

Location: Diamond Bar, CA

Willing to travel

Shereen Elcherif was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in different Middle Eastern countries, including: Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait. Shereen attended The American University in Cairo and earned a Bachelors Degree in psychology. She later pursued a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership (2013), in the United States. While studying for her doctorate, Shereen realized that her passion for film has resurfaced and began by taking acting classes in Hollywood. She landed a role 2012, in a short film called Billie Speare shortly after. In 2014, she decided to begin her own project, Haunting Dreams. In 2015, Shereen, along with her partner, began a production company (Handmade Movies LLC), and produced their first feature film, Triangles.

2010 - present

The Fight- Short Film

Oceana- TV Pilot

And Then There Were None 2017- Supporting

Nefertiti/ Producer

Dreams I Never Had/ Co-Producer/Supporting Actress-Mrs. Ibrahim

Moussara- Supporting

Roll Thru- Supporting

Triangles- Producer/Co-Lead- Emma

HIM- Mom-Co-Lead, Student Film

Killing Claire- Supporting, Student Film

Billie Speare  -Mom- Featured- Director- Jodi Carol Harris

Training & Workshops
2010 - present

Jospeh Pearlman- Foundation Class

Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio- Technique

Kimberly Jentzen- Scene Study

Doug Warhit- Audition Technique

Holly Powell- Audition Technique

Ty Harmon- Workshop

Jaysen Lee's Coaching

Performers Academy

Acting Corps.

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